Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy:  works with the human body on a physical level.  Here at Living Balance Centre, we use the BICOM 2000 – an electronic device – that detects changes in physiological functions in the human body with the intention of promoting the healing process.  It is used for the reduction of allergic reactions, pain reduction, muscle relaxation, stress reduction  and other imbalances.

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     Bioresonance Therapy Sessions BOLD

How to arrange an In-House Consultation at our Sapphire Clinic

To book an in-house consultation, please call (07) 4985 4406 or send an email message to

  • The cost for an initial 2-hour consultation is $220 AUD
  • The cost for an ongoing 2-hour consultation is $190 AUD
  • The cost for a 1-hour ongoing consultation is $95 AUD

1st BRT 220        $190 LBC 2hr        $95 LBC 1hr