Bioresonance Therapy

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What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresononance therapy has been used extensively throughout Europe for over 25 years with great results.  It is a natural therapy based on a bio-physical model (using your body’s own electromagnetic wave patterns) to assist the human body to restore self-regulation and promote self-healing.

The machine used at Living Balance Centre is the BICOM 2000, which is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as a Class IIa medical device and is used for reduction of allergic reactions, pain reduction, muscle relaxation and stress reduction.

Bioresonance therapy is a non-invasive and gentle therapy that can be used to treat people of all ages, including children and babies.  It can also be used to treat more sensitive clients.  At Living Balance Centre, we aim to provide you with a relaxing experience during all of your treatment sessions.

So how does Bioresonance therapy work?

Different organs and circulatory systems within your body operate at specific frequencies, or wavelengths. When these patterns are relatively undisturbed by external environmental stressors, the human body is healthier. Conversely, if these wave patterns are disturbed, the human body is less healthy and “normal” bodily functions are disturbed.  This can result in feelings of illness that may include fatigue, lethargy, digestive disorders, bladder and kidney dysfunction, muscular aches and pains, lack of concentration and other physical irregularities.

This is known as toxic body load — where the total load of external environmental stressors (or toxins) upon the human body is greater than it is able to cope with.  These can build up in our bodies as a result of exposure to toxins, heavy metals, various microbes (bacteria, parasites, viruses and moulds) and any allergies we may have.

Bioresonance therapy also draws on the principles of other recognised natural therapies, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Homeopathy.  Many of the energetic stabilisation components of a bioresonance therapy treatment session use the body’s meridian pathways outlined in TCM.

Preliminary Treatment Plan (for adults/teens)LBCR ClientTalk framed

A Preliminary Treatment Plan for adults and teenagers involves:

    • An initial Consultation (2-hours in length), and
    • two Follow-Up Consultations (each 60-90 minutes in length).

During your 3rd Consultation, Jo will discuss with you whether or not you would like to continue maintenance consultations.  Many of our clients have a maintenance consultation on a regular basis – depending on what works for them.

To book a Bioresonance Therapy Consultation

Many clients have questions before they are willing to book in for an appointment.  To book an in-house consultation or to ask any questions you may have about bioresonance therapy, please call (07) 4985 4406 or send an email message to

Appointment Costs

  • Initial Bioresonance Consultation (2 hour session):  $220
  • 2 hour Follow-Up Bioresonance Consultation:  $190
  • 1-hour Follow-Up (or Maintenance) Bioresonance Consultation:  $95

220 1st BRT 2hr      190 FU BRT 2hr      95 BRT 1hr