Bioresonance Therapy – Supporting the Human Body with The Bicom Machine

The Bicom MachineIntroducing the Bicom Machine

The Bicom machine was developed in Germany in 1987 by Dr. Hans Brugemann and Dr. Morell with the purpose of providing support to the body during illness without damaging side effects. The machine uses your body’s own frequency patterns (very weak electromagnetic waves) – similar to brain waves used in orthodox medicine (EEG scans).

The Bicom machine is multi-functional – it is used for both diagnosing (testing) and treating human conditions: It is used for diagnosis – to test the effect of substances on the human body (allergy testing).

Every substance has a “signature” frequency pattern, ie. a unique frequency pattern that is specific to that particular substance. Here at Living Balance Centre, we help the body by using these signature frequency patterns to find out which substances are placing a ‘strain’ on your body.

Bioresonance therapy sessions are suitable for all ages, ranging from babies and small children to the elderly.


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