About Jo

Hi there and welcome to the Living Balance Centre website!Jo Tree1 framed

Back in January 2008, Living Balance Centre was created with the main purpose of helping others on their wellness journey (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) — in the same way I was helped on my pathway to good health.  8+ years ago, I started working from my home in Ipswich (Southeast Queensland, Australia) and eventually opened my own clinic.  In 2014, Living Balance Centre was relocated to the Sapphire Gemfields in Central Queensland, Australia.

I am Jo-Anne Brown — the Owner and Holistic Wellness Practitioner at Living Balance Centre.  I use a range of natural energetic therapies and techniques to help my clients.  Feel free to find out more by taking a look around the Living Balance Centre website.

It is my personal belief that good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are completely intertwined.  I believe they are inseparable.

In the work that I do at Living Balance Centre, I have seen clients with health problems that have only improved after providing them with both physical and emotional support.

Jo UBWedding framedThis observation mirrors my personal health journey – my health problems began when I was 4-5 years old (with asthma and food allergies).  And there were both physical and emotional components that contributed to my ill-health when I was a little girl and at every other stage of my life when I was unwell.

The various topics and snippets of knowledge you will find on this website are all areas of life that I believe – in one way or another – contribute to our health and wellbeing – and our personal understanding of what constitutes “good health”.

At Living Balance Centre, I draw from the different viewpoints and perspectives I have held at various stages of my life.   I draw from both fact and my various past roles and life experiences to help others, including personal experiences with both good and ill-health over the last 50+ years, my science and engineering background (both practical and academic) and my 8+ years of experience with clients with a wide range of wellness issues.

If what you have read about me and my viewpoints on health (in the broadest sense of the word) resonates with you, then what I offer at Living Balance Centre could work for you too.

If you’d like to know more, you are welcome to contact us through this website, on the Living Balance Centre Facebook page,
by email or by phone ((07) 4985 4406 for those in Australia, and +61 7 4985 4406 for the rest of the world).



Relevant Qualifications, Courses & Experience

  • Owner/Practitioner of Living Balance Centre since January 2008 (8+ years)
  • Diploma Bioresonance Therapy (2007)
  • Full Member – International Institute of Complementary Therapists (since 2009)
  • Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Program – 2014, 2015
  • Cyndi Dale Advanced Apprenticeship Program – 2016

Other Life Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Environmental Major) (Honours),
  • Associate Diploma in Petroleum Engineering